Happy Festive Season

The year 2018 has helped us to continue growing and learning while improving our services. This year was indeed a historical year for us at Lakeshore Hope and Relief Zambia, as it helped us truly define who we are and what we represent. It was a year that we will reflect throughout our existence on our strengths and weaknesses.

During the year, we took very bold steps to refocus our programming and targeting of our beneficiaries. To that end, our dedicated team of Advisory Board Members together with management made a decision to re-shape our mission. A resolution was unanimously made to direct our energies to serving the lives of victims of road traffic accidents in Zambia. This is one are that has continued to pose a serious burden on the national burden as well as at household and individual levels.

The country loses human and social capital as a result of untimely deaths and severe and permanent disabilities caused by it. It also leads in loss of productivity as millions of days are lost as a result of prolonged treatment. Our health care system is overwhelmed as it lacks adequate technical and resource capacity to handle the problem brought by it.

As an organisation that focusses on patient wellbeing, we have committed ourselves to addressing the critical aspect of post accident care by providing support through rehabilitation, access to justice and fair insurance compensation and advocacy of appropriate legislative policies the help prevent and protect the victims of road traffic accidents.

Going forward, we shall dedicate our energies to galvanise the support of other Stakeholders, and Institutions to ensure that we have an effective movement that advocates, and provides critical services that will not only prevent avoidable deaths but also prevent disabilities to the affected. We shall endeavour to cultivate relationships through partnerships and alliances to have an amplified voice and enhanced service provision.

As we look forward to the year 2019 and more years to come, we shall invest in organic growth to increase our technical specialisation and resource capacities.

We remain more optimistic now than never that we shall succeed in our mission of serving the most vulnerable populations in our country and contribute to the nation’s development agenda of Sustainable Development through the year 2030.

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