Our Impact

Charles (13 years) was involved in a ‘hit and run’ car crash on his way back from school. He sustained an open fracture on his left tibia. The hospital policy is that he could not be discahrged until his grand mother bought crutches for him.

We provided him with our low cost crutches and Charles left hospital for home. With the new pair of crutches, he was able to immediately attend school.

We all can help others like Charles through our low cost mobility devices.

Our Position

At Lakeshore Hope and Relief Zambia, we believe roads should be a means to economic development and not a cause of social and economic costs and losses.

Therefore, ensuring responsible road user behavior among frequent road users cannot only guarantee economic dividends of investing in safer roads but is a means to achieving sustainable development goals.

The world today is burned with enough problems of disease, poverty, war, terrorism and illiteracy. We can therefore, not allow road traffic crashes remain a silent killer robbing us of our beloved ones and causing untold myseries on vicitms and their families.

Yes the war against land mines has been won, but today our vehicles on the road have become the new ‘Land mines’.